Jump Documentary Feature, 2006, Digital Video, Colour, 52 minutes Shot amidst the condo towers of downtown Toronto, Jump is a personal exploration of the underground sport of basejumping. The film follows a waiter by day, basejumper by night, and the two friends who share his passion, as they consider notions of risk, legality, meaning, and … Read More

One Man’s Island

One Man’s Island Documentary Feature 2003, Digital Video, Colour, 100 minutes A character driven, documentary portrait of one man’s obsessive quest to fulfill his boyhood dream; in January 2002, Canadian Mark Gardiner gave up his job, home and life savings for a chance to race the Isle of Man TT, the world’s most dangerous motorcycle … Read More

The Eyewitness

https://vimeo.com/177775733?loop=0https://vimeo.com/177775743?loop=0https://vimeo.com/177775751?loop=0The Eyewitness: Ogo Pogo, Bigfoot. Aliens Written by Peter Riddihough & David Brennan Directed & Edited by Peter Riddihough Director of Photography: Kazuyoshi Ehara

The Ballad of Gloria Sedgwick

The Ballad of Gloria Sedgwick 2016, black & white, running time 3:30 The short tale of a capricious heroine and curiosity that can’t quite be killed… Styled in black & white as a period silent film, The Ballad of Gloria Sedgwick follows an inquisitive heroine out for an afternoon stroll. When she happens upon a … Read More