The Ballad of Gloria Sedgwick

2016, black & white, running time 3:30

The short tale of a capricious heroine and curiosity that can’t quite be killed... Styled in black & white as a period silent film, The Ballad of Gloria Sedgwick follows an inquisitive heroine out for an afternoon stroll. When she happens upon a deserted circus tent she cannot resist the impulse to sneak inside. Emboldened further to climb the silk she finds hanging inside, Gloria finds the challenge somewhat harder than she expects.

Written by Bex Carney
Directed by Peter Riddihough
Featuring Bex Carney
Director of Photography: Peter Riddihough
Editor: Peter Riddihough
Costume & Make Up: Bex Carney
Assistant Costume & Make Up: Taryn Krueger
Aerial Coach: Sabrina Pringle
Rigging: Tom Comet
Music Composed & Performed: Spencer Creaghan
Music Recording & Engineering: Spencer Creaghan
Produced by Bex Carney & Peter Riddihough
Production Companies:
Circus Orange & Hoffworks Productions


Best Short Film, Audience Choice Award, Milton Film Festival, 2017
Award of Distinction, Canada Shorts Festival, 2017

Festival Screenings

Forest City Film Festival , Canada 2017
Sunderland Shorts Film Festival, UK, 2017
Hamilton International Film Festival, USA, 2017
Short To The Point Festival, Romania, 2017
Milton Film Festival, Canada, 2017
Canada Shorts Festival, Canada, 2017
Shut Your Mouth Festival, Canada, 2016
Hamilton Film Festival, Canada, 2016