Child-ish: The Web Series

A four episode adaptation of Sunny Drake's Child-ish, originally created for the stage. Adults speak children’s exact words about love, life, and the world in this fresh verbatim work. Drawn from interviews with over 40 whip-smart and brutally honest children, a dynamite adult cast allows an adult audience to hear kids’ ideas and experiences anew. The results are surprising, hilarious, and moving.

Creator & Writer: Sunny Drake
Directors: Sunny Drake & Peter Riddihough
Featuring: Raven Dauda, Sunny Drake, Sam Khalilieh, Jani Lauzon, Maria Ricossa
Director Of Photography: Peter Riddihough

Production Manager & Script Supervisor: Sarah Miller
Sound Recordist & Camera Assistant: Maria Markina
Editor: Peter Riddihough
Producer: Erika Morey
Executive Producer: Sunny Drake